Top 12 Home Remedies for Persistent Dry Cough

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8. Ginger

Ginger literally is a miracle worker for persistent dry cough. It can be consumed in several different ways, all of them equally effective in helping you get well. If you can take the powerful taste, sprinkle a bit of salt on a piece of ginger and gnaw on it for a couple of minutes. If you want an easier solution, you can brew a pot of fresh ginger tea. Slice up the ginger into tiny pieces and boil as you would do so normally. In the end, add a bit of honey to sweeten the tea up and drink when you feel that your cough is getting out of control.

9. Turmeric

You can make an excellent herbal tea out of turmeric to fight off that worrying cough. Take one teaspoon each of carom seeds and turmeric powder and boil them, adding honey at the end. Another tea you can make with turmeric contains black pepper; follow the same instructions given for the herbal tea. No matter what turmeric tea you choose to prepare, make sure that you drink it two or three times a day in order for the remedy to be effective.

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