How To Use Parsley To Dissolve Kidney Stones

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What Makes Parsley Effective for Kidney Stones?

  • Parsley contains a low percentage of sodium, which keeps a check on blood pressure and helps to prevent kidney disease. High blood pressure can damage and harden the blood vessels of the kidneys, leading to accumulation of unwanted wastes and formation of stones.
  • Parsley prevents the accumulation of calcium oxalate in kidneys, which is the most common cause of stone formation.
  • The vitamins A, C and K present in parsley help in preventing calcification and stone-formation in the kidneys.
  • It contains protective anti-inflammatory and flavonoid anti-oxidants that help in fighting against free radical damage and oxidative stress caused to the kidneys as a result of stone formation.
  • Parsley works as an extremely effective natural diuretic. It flushes out the toxins, excess salts and water accumulated in the body by improving kidney function.

How to Use Parsley for Kidney Stones

Parsley can be used as a simple infusion or tea, or in combination with a number of other natural ingredients to help combat the symptoms of kidney stones. Here are DIY remedies using parsley for kidney stones:

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