How To Stop Alzheimer’s before It Starts

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6. Reduce alcohol and quit smoking

Smoking and alcohol abuse can lead to the development of dementia and significantly increase the risk of the condition. According to a recent study, smokers are 45% more likely to develop dementia, while people who drink alcohol moderately have the lowest risk of developing the condition. Stick to one drink per day and you should be fine – anything more than that significantly raises the risk of dementia.

7. Keep your brain sharp

You should keep your brain challenged with puzzles, Sudoku or learning a new language in order to help it function properly and reduce the risk of dementia.

8. Protect yourself from head injuries

Head trauma is one of the main risk factors for dementia, so make sure to wear a helmet whenever you ride a bike or motorcycle or when you go skiing.

9. Stay socially connected and interact with others

Regular interaction with people can reduce the effects of loneliness and prevent depression and dementia.

10. Keep your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and weight in check

These parameters must always be in check as they may cause heart disease and dementia as well.

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