Diabetes Diet: “Healthy Foods” That Actually Aren’t

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Love sipping that smoothie or crunching on granola? Some seemingly healthy foods can be diabetes diet disasters. Learn about some healthy substitutions instead.

When you have type 2 diabetes, smoothies, granola, and other foods most people think of as “healthy” may present hidden dangers, or not even be healthy at all. Whether it’s unwanted ingredients or foods high in carbs (often from added sugars), some items just don’t belong in a diabetes diet.

Sorting Out “Healthy” Foods: Read Before You Eat

When eyeing up a piece of fruit or steaming a head of broccoli, you don’t have to wonder about an ingredients list. But when you’re choosing prepared, processed, or packaged foods, you need to pay close attention to find out what’s in each food item — even if it’s touted as “healthy.” Balancing carbohydrates as part of a diabetes diet means knowing the nutrition facts about everything you eat. What might be healthy for someone without diabetes could be a poor choice for you if it has more carbs than you need.

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