9 Benefits Of Patchouli

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7. It works as a metabolic tonic

Patchouli oil can help to tone your liver, stomach and intestines, increasing your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients properly. Because of these benefits, patchouli oil can give you more energy and also help your body to function better. Inhale patchouli oil with an oil burner or diffuser. Alternatively, you can add one to two drops into a cup of tea or a glass of water.

8. It restores sagging skin and strengthens the hair

Add patchouli oil to lotion to improve sagging skin. Patchouli oil promotes muscle contractions. Therefore, it can help prevent sagging skin. It also regenerates new skin cells, which keeps the skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. Ideal for all skin types, it will even work on acne prone skin because of healing and germ-fighting properties. Blend five drops of patchouli oil with your face wash or lotion, or you can massage the oil directly onto your skin. Just make sure to avoid your eyes. Alternatively, you can massage five drops directly onto your scalp to strengthen your hair.

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