9 Benefits Of Patchouli

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1. Patchouli helps fight depression

Patchouli can stimulate the release of pleasure hormones to fight depression. When you’re feeling blue, patchouli can fight depression. It helps relieve feelings of sadness or loss and will renew feelings of hope. That’s why patchouli essential oil is so often used in aromatherapy. It’s thought to uplift the mood, eliminate disappointment and relax tension. By stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine, feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness simply disappear.

2. It prevents the spread of bacteria

One of the more important health benefits of patchouli is its antimicrobial properties that can stop the spread of microorganisms. An Asian study evaluated the antibacterial activity of patchouli oil. It was tested against five very good antibacterial drugs commonly used to treat infections. The antimicrobial test proved that patchouli oil had strong antimicrobial effects the prevent the spread of bacteria. Use it to treat athlete’s foot or acute inflammation caused by a wound.

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