8 Different Methods For Reversing Hair Loss

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5. Anagrow Treatment

Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment is quite a breakthrough in the hair industry. A product called PCT Rejuva Max extract is inserted into the hair follicles using a machine. This extract helps fight the thinning of hair and stimulate hair re-growth.

6. Clinical Re-growth

In a study, a group of scientists collected dermal papillae from different donors and cloned them in a tissue culture. Dermal papillae are the cells inside the base of human hair follicles. After a stipulated time period, the cells are transplanted onto human skin. This results in new hair growth within six weeks. “If it works in humans, it actually opens up the possibility of hair restoration for many more patients than are currently available,” study co-leader Angela Christiano, a dermatology professor at Columbia University Medical Center, told NBC News.

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