7 Shocking Things That Are Making You To Become Old Faster

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We can all understand the toll taken on our body when we don’t get appropriate amount of rest. Bad mood and physical grogginess is much easier to observe from lack of sleep but, inflammation is also a result of consistently not getting enough rest.

Along with triggering inflammation, lack of sleep also tampers with your metabolism and compromises your immune system. Most importantly, studies have shown that lack of sleep is a top tier contender for the reasons behind heart disease – and also in triggering allergies and asthma. Interestingly, consistently sleeping more than what is required also impacts your body negatively – try to hit 6-8 hours each day!

“Several studies have shown that both short and long sleep duration are associated with negative health outcomes, as well as all-cause mortality. Two recent meta-analyses of population based studies examining the relationship between sleep duration and all cause mortality reported a 10% and 12% increased all-cause-mortality in individuals with habitual short sleep duration. These same two meta-analyses found increased mortality associated with long sleep 23% and 30%, respectively.”

You can read a full depth analysis of sleeps relationship with inflammation shared by National Institutes of Health here.

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