7 Critical Spots Dermatologists Wish You’d Remember to Apply Sunscreen

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Not only do people overlook their neck when doing their anti-aging routine, they forget to SPF it, too. “For adequate coverage, you should use one ounce of sunscreen to cover your entire body,” Dr. Ip notes, comparing this amount to that of a shot glass. When you’re wondering what to do with the last bit, go for your neck. It’s an often overlooked spot for sunscreen appliers, but your neck is always exposed to the sun if one have short hair or tend to put it up. “Apply 15 minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours (more frequently if swimming or sweating),” says Dr. Ip. “Always wait 15 minutes before re-entering water after reapplying.”


Think your feet and toes are safe from the sun because they’re in the water or buried beneath the sand? Hardly. They’re just as prone to burns as the rest of the body—and those flip-flops aren’t offering much protection. Apply a hefty dose to the tops of feet, and even in between the toes.

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