29 Home Remedies for Shiny Hair Treatment

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7. Alma Powder And Lime Juice

Mixture of lime juice and Alma powder can be very effective for making your hair shiny and help in growing. For best results, you mix one tablespoon of Alma powder with a lemon juice in a small container. Afterwards, you stir to dissolve the powder. Gently massage this mixture onto your hair and scalp and keep it on for about 20 minutes before shampooing and rinsing. It helps make your hair shiny black. Plus, it also strengthens the hair and helps in growth of hair.

8. Hibiscus Flowers And Leaves

Flowers and leaves of hibiscus is also very great home remedy for shiny hair. For best results, you can take one cup of flowers and a handful of hibiscus leave. Grind them and then mix them with some water to create thick paste. Massage this mixture on your hair. Leave for half an hour. Lastly rinse it with mild shampoo.

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