29 Home Remedies for Shiny Hair Treatment

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 16. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also helps make your hair shiny, soft and moisturized. It also helps get rid of built-up residue making your hair look lifeless and dull. Plus, this vinegar can help treat itchy scalp, dandruff and frizzy hair. To see best effects, you should use it as follows.

a. Mix water and apple cider vinegar in equal parts. Apply this mixture into your hair and then massage it onto the scalp. Keep it on for a few minutes before washing thoroughly with cold water.

b. Another option is to mix apple cider vinegar (two teaspoons) and one lemon juice in one cup of water. It is recommended to use this solution as a last hair rinse after shampooing.

You had better follow these treatments only once a week.

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