The Top 5 Cancer-Fighting Fruits You Should Be Eating

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#5. Citrus Fruits (Orange, Lemon, Lime)

Perhaps the most well-known of the fruits I’ve listed here are the basic citrus varieties like orange, lemon, and lime. All of these are powerfully anti-cancer in their own respective rites. Another rich source of vitamin C, citrus fruit is inherently anti-cancer because it targets damaging free radicals. Plus it boosts immune function, all while helping the body to naturally overcome the damaging effects of carcinogenic exposure.

Naturally high in flavonoids, nobiletin, and of course vitamin C, citrus fruit is powerfully anti-angiogenic. This means it inhibits the growth of new blood vessels that serve as the energy and nutrition delivery mechanisms for cancer tumors. People who consume high amounts of citrus fruit on a regular basis, studies show, have a reduced risk of developing lung cancer, colon cancer, and many other types of cancer.

Citrus fruit is also amazingly chemoprotective and anti-metastatic, helping healthy cells to flourish while selectively targeting for elimination all rogue cells that contribute to cancer. The widely regarded Nurses Health Study (NHS) found that women in particular who consume multiple servings of citrus fruit every day are much less likely to develop colorectal adenomas, a type of benign polyp that in some cases serves as a precursor for the later development of colorectal cancer.

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