7 Ingredients To Add To Your Green Tea Every Morning

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1. Ginger

Ginger and green tea go together like bread and butter. It’s a match made in heaven, and adding in a few slices of fresh ginger is bound to improve the taste of green tea. Ginger is a superfood in its own right, helping to improve cardiovascular health, assist upset stomachs, diabetes and arthritis, and even treat peptic ulcers. A healthy dose of fresh ginger added to your green tea will significantly increase its antioxidant content and help fight off any colds or seasonal maladies that are lurking in the shadows.

2. Basil

Add basil to green tea for a natural anti-inflammatory. Believe it or not, the leaves of this fragrant herb can actually pair quite nicely with a steaming cup of green tea. Simply snip a few basil leaves off and leave them to steep alongside the green teabag. Basil is another great health addition to your tea, and has been used for years as a natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and diuretic by Asian cultures. Basil also contains plenty of vitamin A, an essential component of cardiovascular health.

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