18 Natural Home Remedies For Abortion in Early Pregnancy

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7. Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower regularly is another among home remedies for abortion that can help women. You should combine this way with the intake of the natural products or herbs that are mentioned here. This simple method will surely help you have safe remedies for abortion and get the right result.

8. Sesame Seeds

Consuming the sesame seeds is one of the common and effective home remedies for abortion naturally. Way 1: You will need:

  • Sesame seeds – a handful of them
  • Water


  • Firstly, you take a handful of these seeds.
  • Then, you soak them in water for overnight.
  • And you can drink it in the next morning.

Way 2: You will need:

  • Fried sesame seeds – a large teaspoon
  • Honey – a teaspoon


  • Firstly, you take the fried sesame seeds and honey.
  • Then, you can consume the fried sesame seeds along with honey.
  • This is also a safe remedies for abortion a pregnancy.

In addition, you can also include sesame seeds in your dishes for the same result.

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