20 Amazing Benefits of Cauliflower

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Cardiovascular Health

It contains vitamin K, which possesses anti-inflammatory qualities. Regular consumption of cauliflower ensures healthy blood circulation and helps in maintaining the blood vessels, which can be attributed to the presence of glucoraphanin. Glucoraphanin is converted to isothiocyanates that activate anti-inflammatory activities and prevent the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels. This aids in the unobstructed flow of blood, which reduces the risk of conditions like atherosclerosis and promotes cardiovascular health. Isothiocyanate, indole-3-carbinol, or I3C is an anti-inflammatory component that functions at the genetic level and inhibits the instigation of inflammatory activities at an early stage.

As supported by various studies, indoles have been proven to be effective on the synthesis of lipids, the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, and in maintaining cardiovascular health. Research has also proved that the anti-thrombotic and anti-platelet function of Indole-3 –carbinol contributes significantly towards a healthy heart. The omega-3 present in the form of alpha-lenolenic acids in it also contributes to this beneficial activity.

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