13 Secret Diabetes Remedies

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12 Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Contrary to popular belief, these fake sweeteners called non-nutritive sweeteners or NNS are not healthy for people with diabetes to consume. According to a study conducted by Harvard’s School of Public Health, consuming artificially sweetened drinks contributed to a 47 percent increase in BMI. The study finished in 2013 after monitoring 3,682 individuals for 7-8 years. So why would this happen if these sweeteners do not even contain regular table sugar (sucrose) which is thought to be the one of the leading causes of visceral fat, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes?

The answer is quite simple, artificial sweeteners are anywhere from 180-20,000 times sweeter than table sugar. Frequent consumption can cause an alteration in your taste buds, which makes vegetables and even fruits taste more bitter than they actually are. This causes you to neglect those foods and go after foods that satisfy that desire for sweetness. Yikes! Read up on Every Popular Added Sweetener—Ranked! to see which ones you should stay away from (hint, there are six that are approved by the FDA).

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