11 Unexpected Things that Cause Cancer

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3. Happy hour

In 2016, Danish researchers published a study linking increased alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk. Researchers found that women who increased the amount of alcohol they drank over a five-year period faced a higher risk of breast cancer. However, the same study found a lower risk of heart disease in the women who drank more.  Luckily, there are better alternatives to lowering your risk of heart disease, including daily exercise, eating a nutrient-rich, healthy diet and managing stress.

Besides breast cancer, researchers also linked alcohol to head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer.  Why does alcohol pose these negative effects? Our bodies metabolize ethanol in alcoholic beverages into acetaldehyde, which can damage DNA and proteins in the body. Alcohol can also trigger oxidation in the body, further damaging DNA, proteins and fats. Impaired nutrient absorption and increased levels of estrogen may also be to blame.

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