11 Tips on How to Get Rid of Keloid Scar

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5. Lemon

Lemons are filled with nutrients that work wonders for the human body, so it is natural that they would be a reliable home remedy for getting rid of keloids. Particularly the juice of lemon works efficiently for making them disappear, so squeeze a lemon and use the juice to apply directly on the keloid. Allow it to work its magic for roughly half an hour before washing the area off with water. We recommend that you apply this remedy about two times a day so the keloid will disappear.

6. Aloe Vera

Generally speaking, aloe vera is a wondrous home remedy that works incredibly for more situations than you could ever imagine. When it comes to treating keloids, aloe vera’s skin healing properties kick in to help reduce and eventually remove them. Wash off the area with the keloid so it is clean and extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf. We encourage you to extract the gel yourself, rather than buying aloe vera gel from a store. This remedy should also be repeated two times a day for the keloids to go away.

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