11 Tips on How to Get Rid of Keloid Scar

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Did you grow up with acne problems as a teenager? How about getting serious surgery? Perhaps untreated burns or chickenpox? If you have been in any of these situations, there is a chance that you ended up with keloid scars after the whole ordeal.

Keloid scarring takes place as a result of various skin injuries, usually at a fairly young age (typically up to 20 years old). But exactly what is a keloid scar? This article will clear up the situation by explaining the phenomenon: “When skin is injured, fibrous tissue (called scar tissue) forms over the wound to repair and protect the injury. In some cases, scar tissue grows excessively, forming smooth, hard growths called keloids.” While a keloid scar generally does not cause pain (only if you touch it) or harm to your health and well being, it can pose as an embarrassing aesthetic issue that you won’t be happy living with.

While a keloid scar can greatly resemble a hypertrophic one, the two are not quite the same. When putting keloid vs hypertrophic scar, the latter is visibly redder than the former. In addition to this, a hypertrophic scar vs keloid scar usually takes place just at the level where the skin was injured, but a keloid scar can expand to healthy patches of skin.

Symptoms for a keloid scar include a sense of itchiness and reddening of an area of skin tissue, as well as the distinctive bumpy scars. The types of causes are various, ranging from the aftermath of a c section, an infected piercing or tattoo, surgery, acne, and so on. A keloid scar can develop on your nose, ear, chest, arm or anywhere else where an injury took place or the skin was affected.

While laser treatment or steroid injection are popular options for keloid scar removal, a procedure like that can cost you quite a lot of money (especially if you live in a big city like NYC). You can also get some keloidal cream like Mederma to reduce scarring, but a keloid scar cream won’t always guarantee success. We like treating health or cosmetic problems in a natural way, so that is why we have created a list of the 11 best tips on how to get rid of keloid scars at home.

Try out these keloid scar treatment alternatives for yourself and take before and after pictures to see the difference!

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