10 Home Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen

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Nothing replaces a visit with a health care professional when you have a medical problem, but there are some issues that can be tamed with a simple visit to your pantry or fridge. Here’s how you can squelch some troublesome topics without going any further than your own kitchen.


In some cases, vinegar could prevent a simple burn from blistering; however, if your burn is deep or severe, be sure to seek attention from your physician.

Tea bags

The tannins and caffeine in tea could help to reduce the ache of swelling and inflammation. If you wake up with puffy eyes, steep some tea, allow the bags to cool and apply to shut eyes. A tea bag also helps blood clot, which could come in handy after getting a tooth extracted. In summer, steep some black tea bags to ease a sunburn.

Olive oil

Soothe chapped or chafed skin with the silky rich feel of olive oil. Add moisture to dry hair by applying some oil to the ends before bed. You can also smooth out those sand-paper-feeling heels by rubbing your feet with oil and slipping them into a pair of cotton socks before turning in.

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