10 Allergy-Fighting Tricks You May Not Have Tried

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Keep Outdoor Pollens Outside

Take some simple precautions to keep outdoor pollens out of your home. Wear a mask if you work outside, and remove your work clothes before entering the house. It’s also good to shower right after coming in from yard work.

When you do laundry, use a dryer instead of hanging your clothes outside. Leave all windows in the house closed during allergy season, and rely on your air conditioner or dehumidifier to help protect you from indoor allergies.

Control Irritants Along With Allergens

If you have outdoor or indoor allergies, any substance that irritates your airways can make your symptoms worse. Don’t smoke in your home, kindly ask house guests to smoke outside, and avoid wood fires and wood-burning stoves. Strong odors such as perfumes, paint fumes, hair sprays, disinfectants, and air fresheners can also set off an allergy attack.

Get Rid of Roaches and Rats

Studies have shown that cockroaches are a surprisingly common cause of indoor allergy symptoms and asthma, especially in children. Remove water and food sources that may attract cockroaches, and if you see a cockroach, get professional help. “That goes for rodents, too,” says Hong.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with indoor allergies or hay fever, talk to your doctor. In addition to these smart strategies, there are many treatments to help ease symptoms.

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