10 Allergy-Fighting Tricks You May Not Have Tried

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Avoiding Allergies May Be Easier Than You Knew

Whether you have indoor allergies to dust and mold or hay fever caused by pollen, allergy symptoms can be equally miserable all year long. Coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose can make any day a challenge for the estimated 40 million Americans who have indoor and outdoor allergies. Although there is no cure for most allergies, the situation is far from hopeless. “In addition to treatment, the best way to fight allergies is to learn ways to avoid them,” says Sandra Hong, MD, an associate staff member in the department of pulmonary, allergy, and critical care medicine at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Here are 10 simple tips that can help.

Wear Sunglasses to Keep Pollen Out of Your Eyes

An estimated 35 million Americans experience hay fever caused by wind-borne pollen or mold spores. Wearing sunglasses outside can reduce the amount of pollen or spores that get into your eyes. Allergy-irritated eyes are also more sensitive to sunlight, so stylish shades may help your eyes feel better, too. “The best kinds of sunglasses to wear are dark glasses that wrap around to block as much wind pollen as possible,” Dr. Hong says.

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